Our Partners

There are many ways to become a partner and support our environmental mission. Already, many organizations have joined us to make a difference in their own way. See below for the four types of partners we are looking for.


Financial partners are companies and organizations that support NatureLab.World projects by directly providing monetary funds. In particular, these financial resources contribute to the purchase of trees, planting activities and land maintenance over several years.


Land partners include companies, organizations, but also cities that choose to participate and concede plots of land for the development of our projects. Thanks to them, it is possible to spread projects over different degraded or unused natural areas, in order to give them back an environmental value and thus restore ecosystems.


Project development partners are mostly other companies that participate in the implementation of our projects. Whether it is by providing us with trees, or by providing us with key resources and contacts, they help us make our projects a success.


Influence partners are different from the other three types of partners. They do not assist us in the projects, but rather in selling and spreading the image of NatureLab.World. These partners are often companies that make their customers aware of the carbon footprint compensation, or that offer them directly NatureLab.World carbon credits.

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